Monday, November 26, 2012


(Prometheus:  I'm too stupid to understand the film.)

Yesterday, I walked ten miles.  Jim stayed home.  His legs needed a rest.  He's only eleven-years-old.

The morning air was freezing.  But there's something very peaceful about the rice paddies surrounding my apartment.

Korea is a noisy country.  What do you expect?  Fifty million people are jammed into a space smaller than Indiana.

Sometimes a guy just needs a little peace and quiet.  That's what the paddies give me.

I went to church.  The sermon focused on chapter 11 in the Gospel of Mark.  Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt fulfilling the prophesy of Zechariah.

The colt symbolizes peace.  Christ isn't the type of king who rides a stallion or a warhorse.  It's all very beautiful and mysterious.

Later, the family and I went for dinner.  We ate Korean beef.  The meal came to forty dollars.

We drove back to the apartment.  I call it an apartment.  But that description is misleading.  We live in a Soviet-style concrete tenement.

Nevertheless, our home is warm and dry and snug.  So why complain?  Life could be a lot worse.

The Dragon Lady and I watched a movie called Prometheus.  It's the prequel to Alien.  The film was darn good.

The Children of the Rice played Starcraft in their bedroom.  My boys sleep in bunk beds.

I prayed the Our Father to the Christ God while on my knees.  I refuse to babble like a pagan.  Then I went to bed.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m.  I drank coffee and viewed Meet the Press.  I can't remember a word Dick Gregory said.

I read the Korea Times while going to the bathroom.  Notre Dame will play for the national championship.  But they have no chance against the SEC champion. 

Make no mistake.  The Fighting Irish will get squashed like a bug.

My day at work went well.  I enjoy my job.

It's currently 7:30 p.m.  I shall watch Supernatural before calling it a night.

Anyway, God bless and so long.

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