Monday, December 10, 2012


(Meet the Press:  I watch the retards on Monday mornings.)

Yesterday, I walked ten miles through the rice paddies.  It was so cold and windy that my face became numb.  Nevertheless, I had a good time.  Exercise takes all my stress away. 

I went to church.  My favorite pastor was absent.  We had a guest speaker. 

The sermon revolved around Jesus walking on water.  The speaker also discussed the relationship between Christ and Peter.  It was fascinating stuff.

I took the family to dinner.  We had Korean beef and barbecue pork.  The meal came to 70 dollars. 

We drove back to our Soviet-style concrete tenement.  On the way, we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts.  The Children of the Rice love that sugary junk.  I do, too.

I fell asleep at 9 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 6 a.m.  I drank coffee and read the paper. 

The Korean rapper Psy got caught making anti-American remarks.  Here's the truth according to me. Pax Americana has grown tiresome.  Death to the empire.  Long live the republic.

Meet the Press came on.  The panel talked about the fiscal cliff.  I'm too stupid to understand all the ins and outs. But make no mistake.  We're screwed.

If the government cuts spending and raises interest rates, we'll collapse into a deflationary depression.  On the other hand, money printing and zero percent interest rates will lead to an endless Japanese-style recession.  It's a case of pick your poison.

I no longer care.  Let the sky fall and the rivers bleed red.  Just more signs of the times, my friends.  So what's a boy to do?

It's currently 5:50 p.m.  Perhaps I'll watch Supernatural.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.

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