Monday, January 7, 2013


(The Walking Dead: My kids love it.)

Yesterday, I watched both NFL playoff games.  The experience was beautiful.  American football is the greatest sport in the world.  Screw soccer.  Keep that crap in Europe.

The Packers looked strong.  I was impressed with their defense.  They held Adrian Peterson to under 100 yards rushing.  That's no easy accomplishment.

I took the family to church.  I curse a lot--especially when driving.  And rightly so!  Koreans are maniacs.  

My favorite is the f-word.  However, I need to erase the filth from my vocabulary.  The Children of the Rice are listening.

We had a guest pastor.  He was OK.  His sermon focused on Samuel 1.  I've always viewed the Old Testament more as prophecy rather than literal truth.  It's main job is to foreshadow the coming of Jesus Christ.

Samuel gets a calling from God to find a new king.  Sam's afraid of Saul's wrath.  Young David is from the tribe of Judah.  He's a humble shepherd who was most likely born in Bethlehem.  See the connection?

I took the family to McDonald's.  We used to eat Korean beef on Sundays.  But the meals were a little pricey.  Fast food is cheap and easy.

We returned to our Soviet-style concrete tenement.  The kids watched The Walking Dead.  What a fantastic show.  I just started season three.  Scott Wilson's leg gets hacked off with a hatchet.  Talk about entertainment.

I went to bed at 8 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 3 a.m.  My sleeping schedule is crazy so that I can see the playoffs. 

The Ravens are currently dominating the Colts.  Ray Lewis looks damn good for a guy his age.  The man is a beast.  He's the best linebacker in NFL history.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.  And go Redskins.


  1. Couldn't read your words in the Mid-West. Can in Chile. How ironic is that? South American Apartments are surprisingly full of Ammenities. In any case, The Lady and I enjoy the Walking Dead as well; one of the best written shows on the Stupid-Box available. Waiting to check out American Horror Story: Asylum per your reccomendation. I will not steal the shows, my personal stance. Keep it up, you have fans of the faith.

    G-d Bless.

    1. American Horror Story is creepy.

      It's wise not to download in the States.

      In Korea, on the other hand, it's accepted practice.

      Everybody does it.


  2. Hello Mr Smith.
    You are wrong, the FED is determined to break deflation and has set the phasers from stun to inflate. Hyperinflation? nien. But 1970's style? yes.
    Too bad wages will be the last thing to get juiced.
    Perhaps this is a good time to hoard green coffee and nickels.

    1. You're probably right.

      I'm just an arm chair expert.

      However, Japan seems to be the economic model that Bernanke is following.

      That spells deflation.


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    1. Thanks for the well-wishes.

      Sorry, guys.

      I accidentally greased your comments.

      I'm not good at this blogging stuff.

      Forgive me.


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