Thursday, January 24, 2013


(American Horror Story:  The sexy maid steals the show.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady made egg rolls and French fries for dinner.  The meal was delicious. Our new Phillips air-fryer is working quite well.  This wonderful machine certainly makes life easier.

I hosted an American Horror Story marathon.  I watched all twelve episodes in one sitting.  Dylan McDermott is a very talented actor.  However, Jessica Lange and the sexy maid steal the show.  It's hard to compete with those two birds.

I grew hungry again.  I cooked Hormel chili.  The snack was easy to prepare.  It came straight from a can.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  I refuse to live my life like a misguided nihilist.  The risen Christ is king.

I went to sleep at 7 a.m.  I had a strange dream.  My friend Dave got arrested for beating his ex-wife.  I had to get him out of prison.

I woke up at 3 p.m.  I drank coffee and read the paper.  A 56-year-old British woman was caught in Indonesia with ten pounds of cocaine.  There were mitigating circumstances.  She was afraid her children would be harmed if she refused to smuggle narcotics into the Muslim country.

The prosecution acknowledged the coercion.  They asked for leniency.  Nevertheless, the judge sentenced the woman to death.  She'll be hanged.

My opinion?  White people are despised across the globe.  And many nations would love nothing better than to kill us.  So we must be careful.  The law is not on our side.

I turned on Fox News.  Bill O'Reilly discussed the murders in Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton is amazing.  She cried and cried without shedding a single tear.  Nobody called her a phony.  The woman is Teflon.

It's currently 6:21 p.m.  I plan to cook my own dinner.  I want to master the air-fryer.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.


  1. Smith, this blog entry [Thursday] was amazing. I agree with all of your main points. Yes, we must be very careful.

    Don't know if you've seen it, but there is a series on the National Geographic Channel called "Locked Up Abroad" that features real-life stories of westerners busted and jailed in foreign countries - typically for drug use or drug trafficking, but other crimes, as well. Let's just say that fate does not smile kindly on these westerners as they endure incarceration in foreign jail cells. Recall t he 1978 movie "Midnight Express" with Brad Davis, about a young American guy busted for trying to smuggle hash-hish out of Turkey. I would not want to mess with any foreign country's police and/or court system, many of which haven't changed much since Medieval times.

    Take care, bro.

    1. I've seen it.

      You've got to be careful when you live in an Asian country.

      They love to see whitey take a fall.

      Sad but true.

  2. Did you hear about the Aussie guy who was arrested by Singapore police for cursing on a Tiger Airlines flight? There were threats that he'd get caned. Step out of line in anything Singaporean and they will beat your ass with sticks. In this case, it helped that he was a whitey, because there was so much outcry about it Down Under that no Anglo wanted to go on a Tiger flight again. So no getting smacked like a rebellious slave for him. I don't like Asian justice. However, I'd like to see it applied to Lloyd Blankfein. Tie some banksters to the whipping post and bash their backs bloody. Do it on live TV. Corporate compliance will be better after that.

    1. I behave myself.

      All eyes are on me.

      It's not easy being white here in Asia.

  3. I never read your blog. FUCK YOU for posting it on ZH.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply.



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