Friday, January 18, 2013


(Manti Te'o:  His demons have demons.)

Yesterday, I made Hormel chili for dinner.  The meal came from a can.  It was nice and salty.  I also ate crackers.  The experience was pleasant.

I watched Fox News.  A linebacker from Notre Dame named Manti Te'o lied about his dead girlfriend. Here's the sad truth.  He has no girlfriend.  And nobody's dead.  Try to figure that one out.

Athletes are screwed up people.  They always make outlandish mistakes.  Murder, suicide, doping, perjury, etc.  In comparison, fabricating a story about a deceased hottie is relatively mild.

Johnny Football from Texas A&M is puzzled by Te'o's motives.  When Manziel makes a moral judgment about your behavior, it's time to get help.  Notre Dame alumni!  Your man needs a psychiatrist...pronto.

I thought about Judas in relation to God's will.  The apostle was no longer happy with the Jesus movement.  The idea of service and self-sacrifice seemed weak. 

Judas wanted a leader who would usher in The Kingdom by defeating the Romans.  Bitterly disappointed, he committed his act of treachery.  Then he hanged himself.

My point?  God's will is God's will.  It can't be changed.  Christ is the was, the is, and the will be.  Shake your fist at the stars.  Howl at the moon.  Your drama is foolish.  Jesus reigns.  Submit.

I went to bed.  I slept for 10 hours.  I must've been exhausted.

I made coffee and read the newspaper.  The ROK is getting another professional baseball team.  The Korean league is exciting.  The level of play is quite high.

In fact, the Los Angeles Dodgers just acquired a pitcher named Ryu.  The organization paid a fortune to sign the twenty-five-year-old.  Ryu is an impressive left-hander.  He should do well.

It's currently 5:30 p.m.  I'm relaxing on the sofa.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.


  1. Smith,
    glad to have you back. timely post. question: because I think you may be able to answer this, how do you proceed from God to Christ interchangeably? Did he not say something to the effect that all things he did he did by the Father in him, and without the Father he could do nothing? Ergo, Christ is not God. Sincere question.

    1. Good to hear from you.

      Google these two words:



      The experts can explain it better than me.



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