Monday, February 18, 2013

Gone for seven days

(See you in seven days.)

I'll be away for seven days.  I'm visiting another city.  The next two weeks are gonna be a grind.  Then stuff settles down and returns to normal.

But that's OK.  To be honest, you're probably sick and tired of reading this piece of crap.  My blog is very repetitive.  All I do is eat and watch television.  Maybe I'll have time to recharge my batteries.

I turned off the comments until I return.  Why?  Suppose someone threatens to commit a crime in my absence?  Does that make me responsible?  I truly don't know.  

Sorry for being such a control freak.  I'm paranoid.  The world is filled with disturbed weirdos.  

Peace.  Talk to you soon.


  1. Save travels Smith.

  2. Heres a good place to just start sayin sumpin.
    Cozy here


Thanks for stopping by. Smith.