Thursday, February 14, 2013


(Supernatural:  I love the show because my IQ is low.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady served steak and French fries for dinner.  The meal was good.  But my wife cooks with a lot of spice, so I often suffer from the squirts.  Don't laugh.  My affliction is quite discomforting.

I watched House of Cards.  Sadly, I'm not intelligent enough to enjoy the show.  Kevin Spacey's character is the congressional majority whip.  He's always wheeling and dealing.  His wife is played by Robin Wright.  Wasn't she married to Sean Penn back in the day?

Supernatural is more my speed.  The series caters to morons.  I enjoyed a great episode.  Mannequins are possessed by an angry ghost.  They kill guilty men with butcher knives.  Talk about entertainment.  Blood.  Blood.  And more blood.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  I refuse to babble like a pagan.

I went to bed at 11 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 6 a.m.  I drank coffee and read the paper.  Rinaldo is ranked as the best soccer player in the world.  He edged out Messi by a couple of votes.  I'm American.  I don't know much about the sport.  It bores me to death.

I turned on Fox News.  Rubio gave the rebuttal to the state of the union address.  He drank bottled water while on television.  The media is going nuts.  Republicans are reviled by the New York and Los Angeles libs.

I drove Jim to school.  We listened to Frank Zappa's rendition of Stairway to Heaven.  For a moment, I actually thought I was cool.  The feeling soon passed.

It's currently 6:30 p.m.  I'm relaxing on my sofa.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.


  1. Hello Smith how is everything greetings from the cat litter box of the world Afghanistan. A couple more months and I am outta here I see Dorner ended up a crispy critter. It is true the liberals hate Conservatives, Christ and his desciples. I have made up my mind I am leaving I fouund a place going to scout it out when I get back big US expat community and the dollar still goes far. Besides I think that a putting distance from those idoloters that choose to corrupt is the best thing for my children lest they be indoctrinated to the ways of heathens and savages see you Smith God bless you and yours

    1. Anonymous in Afghanistan, I'm a liberal, so left-wing that I moved out of the United States to get away from Bush the Second and realPresident Cheney. I don't hate conservatives. I pity them, at least the delusional ones who think Obama is a socialist Kenyan Muslim who's going to turn the U.S. over to the U.N. so people in blue helmets and black helicopters can take away all the guns and the golf courses to stop global warming. Which the delusionservatives say is not happening.

      I feel sorry for all sorts of crazy people like that. At least the ones in the psychiatric ward where I work, I can give meds to. Not so with so-called "conservatives." Who are not actually conservative, because they don't believe in "conserving" things like the environment; they'd rather burn it up to make a profit and hope that Jesus comes back when everything is wrecked and the piles of corpses are high enough. In Australia and Canada, I met and (politely) argued with real conservatives over issues like how much the government should be involved in peoples' lives, what the proper level of taxation was, what to do about the native people who still don't fit in with white society. We disagreed about philosophy, but not about reality.

      Liberals don't hate Christians, either. I'm an atheist; I believe that humans are just another species of freakishly intelligent apes, and that when we die, we take a dirt nap until the microbes recycle our constituent atoms into new stuff. But I don't begrudge you Christians your child-like beliefs, no more than I begrudge a 3-year-old who believes in Santa Claus. And many of my liberal friends have a belief in God, or at least some over-arching spiritual power. It's only the liberals in your imagination who "hate" Christians. Most of us, we sorta smile and laugh. That's not hate. We do wish you'd act more like the loving historical figure of rabbi Joshua, instead of the angry smiting (imaginary) God of the Hebrew Old Testament.

      You gotta ask yourself, Anonymous, how many liberals do you really know? How many have this attitude of hate that you perceive? Again, mocking is not hatred. It's just liberal smugness. We think we're smarter than you, but that's not hate. I say the hatred you see in us is a projection of the hatred inside so-called conservatives (who are better labeled "regressives" or "reactionaries.") You hate us because we think we're better than you, and you secretly fear we're right. Our un-godlly world view threatens your foundational belief system, because if we're right, you've been basing your existence on the equivalent to a child thinking that the Easter Bunny is real. That's why YOU hate US, not the other way around.

    2. I really feel sorry for you.

    3. I agree with both of you.

      Liberals disrespect conservatives. They consider them stupid.

      But a lot of conservatives deserve what they get.

      Look at Romney. He called 48 percent of the population a bunch of losers.

      How do you win an election that way?

      Makes no sense.

  2. Love the blog. Inspiring it is :)

    1. Thanks.

      I appreciate the kind words.


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