Friday, February 15, 2013


(Poor old Smith is a toothless southern hillbilly.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady served duck for dinner.  The meal was far too greasy.  But I didn't complain.  I just smiled and ate my vittles.  I'm wonderful that way.

Jim went to math academy for two hours.  His favorite teacher recently got fired.  The guy was good.  I don't understand why the institute let him go.  Oh well.  It's a hard hard world.  Even the talented get shafted.

I watched Supernatural.  Sam's grandfather becomes possessed by a killer parasite.  Sam has to put the old guy out of his misery.  Bang!  Pistol shot straight to the head.  Now that's entertainment.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  I refuse to live my life like some filthy nihilist.

I went to bed at 10 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 5 a.m.  I drank coffee and read the newspaper.  

A doctor in Seoul accidentally killed his girlfriend.  The cause of death was an overdose.  He left the poor woman's body in a parking lot.  Then he ran away.  The doctor's prison sentence is light.  He only has to serve two years.

I turned on Fox News.  The Five talked about the state of the economy.  They think that raising the minimum wage is a bad idea.  They might be right.  Nevertheless, people gotta eat.

I drove Jim to school.  We listened to early Genesis featuring Peter Gabriel.  Let's face it.  My youth is gone.  I'm just an aging toothless hillbilly flying through life by the seat of my pants.  Rock and roll ain't gonna cure me.

It's currently 3:45 p.m.  I'm killing time.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.


  1. Sometimes when I listen to Genesis I think, "how the hell did I like this crap?" Then I"ll listen to The Musical Box and remember.......... You pray yet you curse at drivers and act weakly at the simpliest are an enigma

    1. I'm too retarded to be an enigma.

      But thanks for the compliment.


  2. Hello Smith it was not my intent to get a big thing started here on your site with that other fellow, I was merely agreeing with you. I don't apologize for my belief in God. You see I was a blind humanist once too the truth be told God broke my back to get my attention. Now quite honestly I don't care about what a self confessed Godless heathen thinks. You see I don't need the counsel of these pagans. The fellow from your site yesterday attempted to call me out asking how many liberals I know? Unfortunately too many. Also to call conservatives regressive hardly, it is so called liberals who seek ever larger government and central control and planning such as in a monarchy? a monarchy was in our past. Therefore if you seek to reinstitute this form of governance(not necessarily a monarchy but a centrally planned government) than it is liberals that are duly called regressive. Allow me to educate Mr. smug liberal a true liberal is someone who embraces freedom not seeks to deprive others of it because they disagree with your world view. Please lecture me on your wise ways and tolerance that must be demonstrated in your "mocking"of conservatives because as mocking is a form of ridicule it must be the essence of tolerance, do you ridicule those that you love or whose opinion you respect? I don't. Are you better than me perhaps after all I was a high school drop out, I used to sleep around drink and get high and beat the fuck out of people. Later I Joined the Marines and later finished High school and my bachelor and graduate degrees and became a commissioned officer. I think I have done well; however you seek to ridicule me because I express my opinion and belief in an Almighty God and you say you are better than me.. I have news for you brother you do not scare me in the least and your mocking does not shake my belief system in the least in fact it helps to solidify it. I unlike you have absolute certainty of Gods existence I have witnessed his guiding hand at work, in my own life and others. Honestly I actually pity you immensely you are smug in your arrogant ways trust me you will see someday, I am not on a salvation mission quite frankly I don't give a fuck where you spend eternity you made your choice if it is your belief that you are to be worm food so be it I honestly hope that is what you become, I won't wring my hands over your decision I know where I am going as the word says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess before God. Also in case you don't follow the news Mr. President is currently trying to take away citizens rights to own firearms and curtail the first and fourth amendments along with due process. While BO may not be trying to shut down golf courses he is attacking private property rights and the EPA under his guidance is trying to run the coal energy production industry out of business. So therefore Mr. Smug liberal Or bukakke o'clock eye or whatever your name is go fuck yourself because while I am one who tries to be good servant to God I am a man, a man with short temper and a low tolerance for bullshit and you are not going talk shit to me. By the way Smith a couple of things, Romney was in no way a conservative and I liked Phil Collins better on his own, thanks Smith love the site sorry for the rant an the profanity

    1. I'm into free speech.

      Say what you feel is right.

      Bukko's a good guy.

      He's a psychiatric nurse.

      He can handle the occasional disagreement.


    2. Anonymous Dude -- first off, learn how to use the "Return" key to make paragraphs. Look at what you wrote -- a solid block of text. Do you find that easy to read? There's a reason why rules of writing and grammar are there.

      I'm glad I enraged you. I was never big enough to beat the fuck out of people, so my style was to enrage the bullies and blowhards until they started spouting incoherent rage-gibberish like "bukakke o'clock eye". I never got my ass kicked, either, because I was always thinking one step ahead of them, so I could stay just out of their reach. It gives me pleasure when I can push someone's buttons, especially because I do it without resorting to crude insults. A wise man once told me that people who spew cuss words do so because they're not smart enough to say anything else.

      I don't know if you debate many liberals in person. Your anger makes me think you might want to punch other people. My dad was career Army, I grew up on a lot of military bases and knew plenty of Marines and their kids. Marine dads were more likely than the Army or Air Force ones to use fists instead of words. You gotta admit, no one ever worries about getting hit by a liberal. We smirk at you instead.

      I enjoy arguing. I verbally spar with illogical insane people all the time at work. I don't take it personally. I don't expect them to glom the common-sense things I say because their brains are malfunctioning, no more than I expect a person's atrial fibrillation to stop from me talking at them, because their heart is malfunctioning. No different with you, Anonymous Dude.

      I won't go into a long discourse about the logical fallacies in your argument. I'll just point out one. It's called "false assumption." You take a small point and blow it up into something that was never said and just isn't true.

      For instance, liberals like to have some things run by the government, such as the excellent health care systems I've worked in in Australia and Canada, where nobody worries that they're going to die because they can't afford a doctor. That does not mean liberals are for central planning of everything, or for a monarchy. Obama, who I consider a bankster-coddling, MIC-supporting right-winger, has proposed a few limits on weapons whose only purpose is to kill a lot of people in a hurry. That does not equate " to take away citizens rights to own firearms." Name one thing that Preznit Hopey has done to take away anyone's pistol, shotgun or hunting rifle. I'd be happy if he did, because then America might be more like Australia, where there are almost no firearms in general circulation. I never worried about getting shot Down Under.

      I agree with you that Obama, and the fascist Amerikkkan System, is taking away people's First and Fourth Amendment rights. Restrictive copyright laws, persecutions of people such as Aaron Swartz and Bradley Manning, the NDAA that allows anyone -- including Americans -- to be imprisoned forever without charges or murdered by flying killer robots, are all examples of that. So we're on the same page in some ways.

      As far as god, I'm glad you feel like you've seen its hand at work in your life. You know the saying "Correlation does not imply causation" though? It's easy to attribute coincidences or random happenings to the hand of some power. The human brain is always looking for patterns. That's part of the reason we evolved into the sophisticated, planet-destroying monkeys we are. But there's no PROOF of any of that god stuff, only faith. Science is provable. That's why I believe in it.

      I'm glad Mr. Smith likes free speech. Perhaps part of the reason he's hooked on ZeroHedge is the "Fight Club" rules there, where people are encouraged to have a go at each other. Part of the reason I write this shite to you is for Smith's amusement. It's like having a good ZH scrap on his home turf.

    3. Can't we all just get along?


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