Wednesday, March 6, 2013


(Criminal Minds:  Some real sick stuff.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady served pork and egg rolls for dinner.  She cooked the meal in our fabulous Phillips air-fryer.  I can't begin to tell you people how much I love that machine.  It makes my life so much easier.  I even like it better than the internet.  No kidding.

Jim went to math academy.  He stayed for the full three hours.  His mother didn't have to hit him with the Spoon of Justice.  What a shocker.  Perhaps I should buy him a gift.

I watched more Criminal Minds.  The series will literally make you sick to your stomach.  Brad Dourif plays an insane puppeteer.  He kidnaps both men and women.  Then he dislocates all their limbs before crucifying them.   The ones who survive are turned into human marionettes.  Wow.  What's left to say?

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  No big surprise.  I'm not some filthy nihilist.  Poor old Smith needs a code.

I went to bed at 10 p.m.  I had a strange dream.  I stood in front of a movie house with several strange men. We were all dressed in girly-looking leather jackets and cowboy hats.  I wanted to know why we wore such strange clothing.  Nobody could tell me.

I woke up at 6 a.m.  I drank coffee and read the paper.  The Korean baseball team is now out of the WBC. The squad had to beat Taiwan by six runs in order to advance.  They failed to do so.  Strange.  The ROK usually does so well when it comes to swinging the bats.

I turned on Fox News.  Hugo Chavez died of cancer.  He'd been suffering from the disease for quite some time.  

I don't like dictators.  But I refuse to gloat.  I'm 44-years-old.  My death is right around the corner.  I'm just hoping for a massive heart attack or stroke.  I hate pain.  It hurts too much.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.


  1. Hi Smith. I had a sub-arachinoid aneurysm burst ten years ago. In a coma for a month; took three months to learn to walk and talk again. But I'm fine now. (Wife and kids might not agree). Neurosurgeon said that's the way to go. But I remember it hurt really, really bad. Like the worse pain I've ever felt. I hate pain also. But I'm 54, not 44. Glad the Dragon Lady didn't hit your son today with the spoon. I suppose my wife is the same, but its more verbal. Best Jay

    1. Hi Jay.

      I'm glad everything is better.

      You sound fine.

      I wish you continued good health.

  2. Mr. Smith -- do you see any contradiction in morality between loving the psychopathic TV programs you do, and being a Christian believer? Anyway, even though I'm not a believer myself, I applaud the kind of Christian you are (as opposed to the reich-wing KKKhristopaths who give their religion as bad a reputation as Muslim terrorists do for Islam.) You are a humble man, Smith, and that's one of the important messages of the historical figure known as Jesus. Unlike the triumphalist gods of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and all other civilizations that preceded Him, Jesus told people not to be too cocky. Him and Buddha. If more Christians would be modest like you, as they were when I was growing up, then snarkers like Bill Maher would not have such an easy time.

    And as far as being old and near death at 44, get off it, Smith! I'm 10 years older than you. I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 44. As a newly single man, I'm hitting the gym harder to tone up for the dating scene. I feel more energetic, and my knees don't hurt any more when I'm going walkabout.

    I went to dinner with an old friend here (I'm on a scouting trip in Australia, plotting whether I should re-immigrate) who's 68 years old. (I had thought he was 60, max, but he spilled some beans, including the fact that he was gay -- I had guessed that -- and had had a partner for 31 years who died of cancer a little while back. I had no idea about that despite knowing the bloke for five years. Aussies, and most other cultures, are not as blabbery as Americans.)

    Anyway, this guy is still working as an on-call nurse at his age, even though he owns two houses and has a guaranteed pension from his two decades of work for the Australian federal government. He works because he like it, and he's still strong, despite being old enough to be your father. You can feel young if you want to, Smith. Now that you've quit the shoju and cigarettes, you're going to knock years off your effective age if you keep up the hikes through the rice paddies. I WISH I was your young age, Smith. Revel in it!

  3. We'll both be dead in less than 35 years.

    That doesn't give us much time.

    Other than that, things are going pretty well.



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