Friday, May 17, 2013


(Hannibal rocks.  What a great show.)

Yesterday, Bluce went on a field trip with his kindergarten.  So I took the rest of my family to Pizza Hut.  We enjoyed spaghetti and personal pan pizzas.  The meal was delicious.

I weigh a ton.  I'm pushing 210 pounds.  None of my clothes fit.  I have to purchase a whole new wardrobe.  Sadly, Smith is just another fat Yankee.  Oh well.  What's a boy to do?

Jim studied Korean social studies with his mother.  They're getting along splendidly.  I have no idea what happened.  I live in a bizarre world.  Soon the sky shall fall.

I watched Hannibal.  The experience was wonderful.  Dr. Lechtner kills two men.  He snaps one man's neck with expert precision.  Then he bludgeons a haughty murderer to death with a heavy statue.  Good stuff.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  Jesus stands hand in hand with the poor and oppressed.  Therefore, we should never succumb to idolatry.  Worshipping at the feet of the golden calf is fatal.  Why sell ourselves so cheaply?

I went to bed at midnight.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 8 a.m.  I had to piss like a racehorse. 

I drank coffee and read the paper.  There's a Korean baseball player named Choo.  He's a member of the Cincinnati Reds.  Yesterday, he hit two home runs against the Marlins.  Choo's having a great season.  Good for him.

I turned on Fox News.  President Obama is a liar.  No big surprise.  Bush was a liar.  And Clinton was a liar.  And Bush the elder was a liar.  And Reagan was a liar.  And Nixon was a liar.  The list goes on and on.  Only an idiot trusts the government.

Put your faith in Jesus Christ.  Everyone else will let you down.

Anyway, talk to you later.  God bless.


  1. I haven't watched Hannibal. I enjoy Criminal Minds though. It can get gory and slightly sick at times but it's a well written show with quirky main characters. The investigators have enough humanity to save the watcher from being totally immersed in the psychopathy they are investigating. It's a good balance.

    Even more though, I enjoy investigative shows like 48 Hours and Cold Case Files (with Bill Curtis) where the crime and criminals are real. I also enjoy following actual crimes in the news as the investigation and trial are reported. I think it's because I find the darker side of humanity fascinating.

    I'm the kind of person who catches spiders indoors, alive, and releases them to the outside, unharmed. My spidey catch and release kit consists of a paper cup and a piece of thin cardboard. It takes patience but it works like a charm. So, it's not that I'm a violent person. I wonder, myself, why I find all that depravity so fascinating.

    There is a line; I don't like roller coasters or horror movies but I like a great thriller. It's my favourite genre in books and movies.

    Do you play chess, Smith? I'm only asking because it's a great game to play with your kids. It's simple enough to allow conversation but complicated enough that you always keep learning and there is always a challenge. It's also a great game for leveling the playing field between adult and child. The skill level can be much more equal for some reason that I've never figured out. I play with my sons from time to time, more when they were younger. It's just a really cool pastime and it just takes a minute to set up the board for a game. Here's a link to a great beginner site if you're interested.

    Peace to you brother Smith.

    1. I used to play chess. But I quit. When Jim was five, he would never stop. We would play chess for two or three hours. The kid simply refused to quit. Now I run when I see a chess board.

  2. Good onya for catching and releasing spiders, Sophie. That's very Buddhist. I do it too, if they're in an easy position/state of energy to catch that way. The ones who are up high or have enough energy to escape, screw 'em. They get the vacuum cleaner treatment eventually.

    I am going through a Hannibal phase at the moment. The REAL Hannibal, the Carthaginian general from the 200's BC. I'm reading a biography of him that was published in 1958 (one of my deceased dad's books that I filched last time I was back in the U.S. at my mom's house. She'll never miss it.) I've got another bio of Scipio Africanus, the Roman general who picked up the mantle of leadership after Hannibal kicked Rome's ass and was rambling all over the Italian peninsula. I'm going to start reading Scipio's bio (from a book written in 1926, also courtesy of my dad's 'brary) as soon as I get to the point in Hannibal where the two generals are going head-to-head. It's always cool to read history with a "he-said, she-said" perspective, although this is going to be more like "he-slayed, she-slayed."

    Did you know at the Battle of Cannae, Hannibal's army killed 50,000 Roman soldiers? In one battle! Almost as many men as the U.S. lost during the entire Vietnam War. Yet the Romans did not fold and dissolve as a society. They manned up and drove the African invaders back, eventually destroying Carthage to the point that the Carthaginian civilization disappeared. And that was no small thing, because the Carthaginians were an outgrowth of the Phoenecian society that was based in Lebanon. Phoenecians are mentioned in the Old Testament, you Christians. Their civilization was overtaken by the Persians, who are also name-checked in the O.T. Same bunch that kidnapped the Jewish nation into captivity as slaves and was going to genocide them under the reign of King Haman. I give credit to the ancient Hebrews for keeping their society together when so many others like the Pharoahnic Egyptians, Phoenecians, Persians, Romans, etc. have fallen by the wayside.

    In my washroom (which is the word Canadians use for the loo, eh Sophie?) I have a copy of "Silence of the Lambs," the book on which the movie was based. I found it on a pile of trash I was looking through on a bicycle ride. I'm not averse to scavenging through what some lowlife dumped when they were moving and decided not to take a lot of their shit with them. That's got Hannibal in it, of course. I haven't started it yet (I have another book to read when I'm sitting on the gurgler) but I will be in for a Hannibal triple-play this summer.

  3. P.S. Sorry to hear about your weight, Mr. Smith. You were doing well with the 10-mile hikes and quitting booze/cigarettes. For your own sake, I hope you can get back to that. You'll feel happier if you're healthier.

    I'm down to 187 lbs, although I need to lose 5 more kg. to reach the Body Mass Index that a person of my height (178 cm) should be. At my annual physical this week, my doctor refused to renew my prescription for high blood pressure meds because he said I'm so healthy I don't need them any more. And I'm a decade older than you, Smith.

    Don't give up, man up! You are a white Southern American male, the examplar of your nation! Be like Hannibal (not the cannibal). He overcame tremendous odds - made elephants march across rocky paths in the Alps during the dead of winter, for Carth'sakes! -- and his name is legend. You won't go down in history -- none of us will -- but you can be a legend to your sons as the strong dad.

    1. I still do twenty miles a week. But I enjoy eating. Today I might go out for beef.


  4. Mr. Smith,

    You stopped taking walks? That's what saves me from fat-dom. I have a Sony MP3 player and load it with my favorite podcasts; my favorite for comedy (and the 3rd world country that America is becoming) is the Adam Carolla podcast:

    Steve in Kansas

    1. I still go on walks. I try to do twenty miles a week. But, at my age, I only maintain my weight. It's a losing game.


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