Saturday, April 19, 2014


(Ryu Hyun-Jin is tearing it up.)

Yesterday, I took my oldest son James-uh to McDonald's for dinner.  We both had Big Macs and French fries.  I love junk food.  The more calories the better.  After all, something's going to kill me.  Might as well leave the world fat and happy.  I washed the vittles down with a large glass of Coke.  Sugary soft drinks make my heart sing with joy.

We went to a Good Friday service at one of the local churches.  While standing next to my boy, I noticed something disturbing.  The kid absolutely reeked.  In fact, he smelled so bad that my stomach started churning.  I politely let him know that he needs to take a shower every day.  Why force the innocent to smell his pungent scent?  Humanity deserves better than that.

I watched a couple episodes of The Following.  One of Joe's crazy acolytes kills a woman in a restaurant by shooting her with a spear gun.  The projectile penetrates the poor victim's body, literally pinning her to the booth and knocking over her morning bowl of cornflakes. 

Great stuff.  I love violent bloody television.  The gore reminds me that life on earth isn't permanent.  I'll be dead soon.  My money's still on ass cancer.  But a heart attack or stroke certainly isn't out of the question.  Nobody knows the future.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  No big surprise.  It's not like I'm some dirty pagan.  I asked Jesus to let my son and his mother establish a better relationship.  They're always tearing each other to shreds.  Their mutual antagonism leaves me baffled.

I went to sleep at 11 p.m.  I had a strange nightmare.  I dropped my trousers in front of a group of complete strangers.  Unfortunately, my underwear contained several dark skid-marks.  Everybody laughed at me.

I woke up at 7 a.m. and drank several cups of coffee.  Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break.  Ryu Hyun-Jin is a Korean who pitches for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He's having a great season.  The peninsula is excited that one of their citizens is doing so well on such a large stage.  Good for him.

I turned on Fox News.  O'Reilly complained about atheists.  He believes they're becoming too rude and aggressive.  Bill is full of shit.  He talks much garbage in order to sell books.  But he is entertaining.  I've got to give him that.

Anyway, it's time for the song du jour.  Here's Say It So by Weezer.  God bless. 


  1. It's a tad late for me to be writing this, Smith, but may you and yours have a Blessed Easter!

    1. Thanks, Robert. Happy Easter to you, too.


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