Wednesday, May 27, 2015


(Andy Van Hekken pitches for Nexen.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady made shrimp fried rice for dinner.  The meal was delicious.  Koreans cook with a lot of spice.  My tongue was on fire.  I drank several glasses of generic cola just to control the pain.  The Dragon Lady has oodles and oodles of talent.  She's the Asian Martha Stewart.

I watched baseball.  The Samsung Lions hosted the Nexen Heroes in Daegu.  Samsung won the game 4 to 0.  They're back in first place.  The losing pitcher for the heroes was Andy Van Hekken.  He used to play for the Detroit Tigers, but things didn't work out.  He currently makes $800,000 a year doing what he loves.  Talk about a lucky man.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  No big surprise.  I'm not some dirty atheist.  I asked Jesus to let me live for another nineteen years.  I want to give both my children a good start in life.  It would be great if I could get them through college on my dime.  After that, I can die painfully of ass cancer for all I care.

I went to bed at 10 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 6 a.m. and turned on Fox News.  The Five complained about the liberal media.  They think that Hillary is getting too much support from the New York elites and the Hollywood millionaires.  Republicans are screwed.  There simply aren't enough white men in the USA to keep the party viable.

I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break.  There was an editorial calling American police a bunch of racists.  Let's be honest.  The black community has a lot of problems.  The illegitimacy rate is over 70 percent.  Nearly half the males never graduate from high school.  And they comprise the bulk of the prison population.  You can't blame all their misfortune on the man.

Anyway, it's time for the song du jour.  Here's No Excuses by Alice In Chains.  God bless.   

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