Wednesday, July 1, 2015


(True Detective is a wild ride.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady made pork and rice for dinner. The meal was quite good.  My family eats a lot of pig.  It's both cheap and delicious.  I washed the vittles down with several glasses of generic cola.  All that sugar sent me to the moon.  I'm very thankful for my good fortune.  I could have been born in Chad.

I watched the latest episode of True Detective.  I'm not sure where this show is going.  It's tone is extremely dour, dark, and moody. Vince Vaughn gets all his money stolen by a former employee.  This thief is savagely tortured by having his eyes removed with acid and his penis shot off with a rifle.  Colin Farrel--who appears to be the protagonist--is then abruptly murdered by a psycho in a bird costume.  Nevertheless, I'm there till the bitter end.  Gruesome horror tales thrill me to the bone.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  No big surprise.  I'm not some filthy misanthrope.  I asked Jesus for the strength to overcome temptation.  I've been doing a lot of research on narcissism.  And I want to use this newly found knowledge to torture my loony wife.  Narcissists seem to hate silence, yes and no answers, and thinly veiled insults.  I plan employ these tactics against the Dragon Lady.  I'm tired of dancing to her tune.

I went to bed at 10 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 6 a.m. and turned on Fox News.  Chris Christie's running for president.  Big deal.  That fat rude Yankee has zero chance of garnering the republican nomination.  He better stick to what he does best:  bullying the weak and eating donuts.

I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break.  The Korean baseball league makes good money.  But attendance is way down this year because of the recent MERS outbreak.  The teams are losing tons of cash.  On the bright side, nobody has died in the last few days.  So things might get back to normal.

Anyway, it's time for the song du jour.  Here's All These Things That I Have Done by The Killers.  God bless.


  1. The song du jour for tomorrow...

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  2. I plan employ these tactics against the Dragon Lady. I'm tired of dancing to her tune.

    Passive-aggressive fight-back strategy, FTW! That was my tactic with both my ex-wives, too. Se-You-Next-Tuesdays have a hard time calling you out on shit like that. Of course, I'm divorced twice (neither time by my choice.) I reckon that if there's nothing you can do to get your woman to compromise, because they have to win every time, then you might as well set off emotional IEDs so you can say "Who, me? Of COURSE I didn't mean it like you thought I meant."

    1. I'm finally learning what makes her brain tick. So now it's my turn to torture her--for a change.


  3. After 21 years I'm learning that my passive aggressive behavior was my natural response to her borderline narcissism. Go figure, guess we're blessed these days that we'll always have a opportunity to learn.
    I like the blog, (thanks for doing it -- by the way) can't say I really believe it, just my old age, I've lost the focus of what's real on the internet these days. Anyhow, I still enjoy it, believing that there's a aging Korean that is muddling through life just like me. I wanted to give something back in a way of my two cents, the whole subject hit a nerve I guess. But I'm at a loss of what to say. Here in the northeast, the shear concept of marriage for those that are not boomers and not gen x, is some kind of weird trip. As time goes on, I am self conscious that I'm not divorced, but I can honestly say we would be if we could afford it. So we have a business kinda contract now, I think, but there's no rules to follow and not sure how I'm supposed to act. The whole adult hood, has been changed right before my very eyes.
    Anyhow, thanks, keep the insights to life's footsteps.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      I'm also looking for a business contract with my wife. I'd like to keep it together till the kids get older. But I don't know the future.



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