Tuesday, September 8, 2015


(Hell On Wheels is one of my favorites.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady came to my apartment.  She cleaned the place from top to bottom and dropped off some lamb for dinner.  I'm not a huge fan of lamb.  It's far too gamey.  But I didn't complain.  I just smiled and ate my food like the village idiot.  I washed the vittles down with a bottle of Jinro soju.  Soju sucks, but it gets the job done.

I watched the season finale of Hell On Wheels.  Brigham Young is nearly stabbed to death by his youngest boy.  But the Swede manages to gallop away on a stolen horse.  He's decided to get his vengeance by slaughtering Bohannon's wife and child.  I'm a huge fan of Hell On Wheels.  The series is fabulous.

I paid homage to the Christ God.  I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees.  No big surprise.  I'm not some dirty pagan.  I asked Jesus to help the youth in Asia.  These poor children are constantly under the gun.  Their societies are hyper-competitive, and they never get enough sleep because their crazy mothers make them study 24 hours a day.  Lots of Asian kids end up jumping out of windows.  The stress is unbelievable.

I went to bed at 10 p.m.  I didn't dream.  I woke up at 7 a.m. and turned on my laptop.  A fireman in Los Angeles murdered his wife with a handgun.  She was actually a deputy sheriff.  He then drove to a secluded location and blew his brains out.  I might be a selfish bastard.  But stories like this make me feel better about my marriage. Perhaps there's hope.

I read the paper later in the day.  A Korean man was sentenced to three years in prison for trying to kill his wife.  He accused her of having an affair and laced her food with poison. He also tried to put poison on her genitals.  We live in  a strange broken world.

Anyway, it's time for the song du jour.  Here's Suicide Is Painless by Marilyn Manson.  God bless.

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