Friday, May 20, 2016


(Cass is my favorite brand of Korean beer.)

Yesterday, the Dragon Lady brought home pizza for dinner. The pies came in two large cardboard boxes. The meal tasted great. I'm a huge fan of junk food. However, I don't like cheese, so I only ate the sauce and pepperoni. I washed the vittles down with several large glasses of Cass. Cass is my favorite brand of Korean beer.

I watched the Samsung Lions. They lost by the score of 9-6 to the lowly Hanwha Eagles. The Lions starting pitcher was a white man named Allen Webster. He gave up five runs in the third inning. Oh well. He's a young kid who's chasing his dream. May the force be with him. I like baseball. The sport calms my nerves. I've always been a fidgety bastard.

(Allen Webster stunk the place up.)

I paid homage to the Christ God. I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees. No big surprise. I'm not some filthy pagan. I thanked The Savior for my many blessings. The Dragon Lady's still on her medication. Those pills are real life savers. She's as mellow as I've ever seen her. She even drinks beer from time to time.

I went to bed at 10 p.m. I didn't dream. I woke up at 6 a.m. and drank a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. A loon in Seoul murdered a 23-year-old girl with a knife. He was tired of being rejected by females and decided to lash out against his enemies. This tortured soul is afflicted with schizophrenia. To make matters worse, he hasn't been taking his meds. Nevertheless, he should be marched in chains to the town square and promptly beheaded. The world would be a better place without him.

I turned on CNN. An Egyptian plane was blown out of the sky over the Mediterranean Sea. Most experts believe that militant Islam is to blame. Muslims are some real knuckle-dragging neanderthals. The Donald is absolutely correct. We need to keep these goons out of America. Mark my words. They will prove the death of us all.

Anyway, I've shot my load. So long for now, and God bless everybody.


  1. What is the matter with people.
    I mean, really.
    What is the matter with people.

    The Cass Girl in the photo is even part of the whole thing. Here's the Cass Girl ushering in the new world order.

    Have a beer and just accept it.

    peace to all.

    1. It's a hard hard world. Just ask Mama Cass.


  2. mama cass ate thirty dollars worth of chicken and washed it down with a pitcher of beer.

    then she stopped singing.


    here's mama cass with "keep swallowing those pills"


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